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DA Columns
First Adopters Program
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First Adopters Program
Differential Acceleration Columns for Gas Chromatography

20-40% Faster Separation with Differential Acceleration

The Offer (for qualifying petroleum/petrochemical customers):
  • VGC will develop a method and one application note specific to your needs. You may also send samples (up to 3), and we will run them according to the method developed in the application note.
  • Two free days of technical assistance in your lab with a PhD level analyst, using VGC columns.
  • 24/7 customer assistance (phone and email, English only).
  • 50% discount on your first column order.
The Product:

VGC Chromatography GC columns produce faster, more efficient separations by virtue of differential acceleration (DA) – a retention gradient built into the column that typically enables the same or better chromatographic performance in 20-40% less time than conventional open tubular columns.

DA columns are fused silica capillary columns, completely compatible with your existing hardware and methods, differing only in the patented geometry of the stationary phase – what we refer to as variable stationary phase thickness (VSPT).

VGC is located in Ohio, USA; all columns are made here with our patented stationary phase deposition process.

Differential acceleration improves chromatographic resolution by generating band separation faster than differential migration

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