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The simple truth is that variable geometry columns (VGCs) allow you to obtain better resolution and detection limits in significantly less time than traditional open tubular columns.

The performance advantages of variable geometry columns are made possible by differential acceleration. Conventional columns function by creating physical separation (via differential migration) at a rate that is faster than band broadening. The ratio of physical separation to peak width, of course, gives the chromatographic resolution. It is well known that because of near-constant-velocity differential migration (conventional columns), chromatographic resolution only develops with the square root of time and square root of column length. In other words, when you double your length of column, you only get 41% better chromatographic resolution (√2=1.414).

Differential Acceleration Graph
Because our VGCs are based on the same fused silica tubing dimensions that industry has been using for several decades, your current methods will work with our columns without any changes. No modifications to your GC system are necessary! Simply replace your existing capillary columns with a VGC, and you are ready to go.

Patents pending (US 12947374, US 12947435, US 12947528)
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